Who we are?

Online Tutoring Institute is developed by Professionals including, educational psychologists, academics, researchers and teachers with years of experienced in the field of education. We have taken expertise from each of these professionals and designed Online Tutoring to facilitate learning whilst making it accessible to learners anytime and anywhere.




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Why online tutoring is effective?

Its taught through a screen

The generation of today is also knows as the digital natives because they are born in the era of smart phones and tablets. Online tutoring is attractive to students because it uses the same interactive approach.

Students Motivation

Online tutoring gives authority to the students to learn at their own pace with the tutor. The students can repeat a topic many times in order to understand it before they move on to the next topic.

Learning is limitless

The world of internet has made learning limitless. Through online tutoring students can access materials and develop a better understanding of their subject with the help from their tutor.

Less Expensive

Face to face learning is more expensive and time consuming. Whereas online tutoring is flexible and costs much less to find an equally better tutor with adequate skills and knowledge.


How we are Unique

With Online Tutoring you will not only achieve better grades but you will experience growth in knowledge and success.


Our Tutors

Online Tutoring Institute takes pride in hiring qualified tutors with adequate experience. Our tutors are friendly and use a student centred approach in tailoring the tutorial session according to the needs of the student. Find more >>


Our Management Team

Managing Director

Miss B Ayub

PhD Psychology

Being a student of human behaviour, I observed that technology has greatly influenced our lives especially in the field of education. Students now a days are more engaged through technology based learning than traditional. This observation especially through my research inspired me to come up with Online Tutoring. This unique project is the solution to the problems faced by students of this day and age. Students want cutting edge technology with a tutor who is a facilitator and a mentor. This is exactly what Online Tutoring provides, online tutoring from the comfort of your own home and with the tutor of your choice.


Student Advisor and
Tutor Training

Ms Jemma Hopkins

PhD Education

Ms Jemma has a PhD in education and specialises in theoretical and practical aspects of teaching and learning. Ms Jemma provides training to tutors and parents on request about various teaching and learning styles that can be utilised to enhance education.


Academic Manager

Miss A Cheema

MPhil Mathematics

Miss Cheema specialises in mathematics and has years of experience in teaching mathematics to A level students. Miss Cheema uses advance technology in teaching mathematics and makes the subject fun and engaging. Miss Cheema is also responsible for time table management of all tutors working for Online Tutoring.