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Robina Abdul-Majid

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I specialise in delivering GCSE English and Functional Skills English as a Teacher. I enjoy my role as it enables me to work alongside learners of varying abilities. I enjoy putting together engaging lessons to help learners learn and ultimately support them in progressing within their subject. I am extremely passionate about teaching and as well as delivering private tuition I have also worked in Secondary Schools and am currently working in a College. I have the pleasure of working with individuals from many diverse backgrounds and so as well as teaching them I learn many things from them also. I also have experience of tutoring individuals who are at University who have benefitted not only from support with their essays but with learning how to structure and write at a more academic level. I have experience of proof reading, helping to draft and give guidance and support to individuals attending University, particularly foreign students as all subjects undertaken request submission of assignments / essays / dissertations in English. In my spare time I enjoy gardening and mostly travelling. I have had the privilege of travelling as far as Indonesia and have had some amazing experiences throughout my travels. I believe this has enabled me to gain further insight into the diversity of people and their backgrounds. I am definitely a peoples' person!